Deep Seeded

from by The Gateway Complex



Paralyzed, stemming from the brain your fluids leaking on the ground making spirals down the drain.

Slicing flesh, breaking bones, drinking blood and marrow just to see what you were made of.

I killed everyone you love with no regrets

Watching light fade from their eyes, was fucking great

When will this stop, my appetite for blood has gone insane

Vices that once controlled hold me no more

I will succumb, to every fickle feeling I have had

Stronger I have become than I ever was

Nothing felt so good to me since that feeling of no morality

Slaughter, vicious homicide, let's flay this world open wide

I've lived my life

A fucking lie

What have I done?

What I’ve become


Paralyzed, stemming from the brain your frozen still lying nil from severing nerves inside your frame.

Castration of the entire human race we were suckered into being our device of fate

All these years I haven't killed a man, pity me because this was after all the master plan.

And now I see what I have to fucking do exterminate, corrupt, and decimate the few

Who turned this world inside out on itself that's right 1% I'm rising up for you





Why do we put up with this shit?


from Overthrown, released November 9, 2012



all rights reserved


The Gateway Complex Mentor, Ohio

A sound of our own, super heavy with a side of positivity. With unique breakdowns, super groovy 2-steps, and meaningful riffs you will have no choice but to dance, mosh, bang your head and throw your horns up. But the pure beauty is in the stage presence we dare anyone to compare too. We feed off the crowds ability to get down, so you come to a show and don't move Doobie WILL punch you. ... more

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